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Routine Examination

At The Mayfield Dental Practice we aim to see our patients at regular intervals. This is usually every 6 months but can vary depending on the individual and their treatment needs.

Why do we carry out routine exams and what are we looking for?

Routine examinations are a preventative measure used to monitor your overall dental/oral health. This allows your dentist to spot and treat problems early on i.e tooth decay (caries), inflammation of your gums (which may be a sign of gum disease), examine your jaw and its movement and check the soft tissues of your mouth and palate for any abnormalities.

Radiograph’s (X-rays) are often used at your check up appointment to help your dentist assess areas of infection and inflammation, diagnose cavities, assess bone loss around the teeth , and check the status of developing or unerupted teeth (often below the gum line).

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